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The Past Six Months

Looking back at some of my work over the past six months, I came across a few items that gave me pause to consider the world around me - both at the time I wrote the articles and now.  
Found below, I've selected an article I wrote in November 2012 for Creative Loafing Atlanta entitled "The Search for the Blood Moon of Tallulah Gorge" as well as a related piece I produced for ABC News called "Full Moon Hike Down Tallulah Gorge" and, finally, a New Year's perspective that I wrote for this website called 
"A Clean Slate with Plenty of Colored Chalk."     
Have a look and a listen and let me know your thoughts on my Facebook page.

"The Search for the Blood Moon at Tallulah Gorge" (Published in Creative Loafing

 “To say I'm a hiker would be a politician's lie. I've hiked, but I think it's best, when trying to get from one place to another, to use some "mode" of transport: a car, plane, train, bike, escalator. Even a horse or a mule. It just makes sense. But, on occasion, I lace up a pair of hiking boots and hit the trail for a casual walkabout.   On Oct. 29, my boots and I headed north to Tallulah Gorge.” 
or listen to this special report for ABC News;

"Full Moon Hike Down Tallulah Gorge"
An ABC Newsradio feature (2:47) by Randy Wyles that takes the listener down into the deepest gorge in the Southeast U.S. in search of the "Blood Moon" of Autumn.
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"A Clean Slate with Plenty of Colored Chalk."

It began with so much promise, a year ago; a bright January morning that greeted the world with a clean slate and plenty of colored chalk for everyone. 
But, rubbing the sleep from our eyes, the smiles began to fade and we soon realized the same losers were still in charge, the same whiners were still controlling the microphone and the same hoodlums were still running amok. 
Yet, we worked hard and tried to make the best of it.  
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